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Hari Saṅkīrtana Dāsa Adhikārī ( - Bolivia)

nama oṁ viṣṇu pādāya kṛṣṇa preṣṭāya bhu-tale
śrīmate jayapatākā swamin iti nāmine

Dear Śrīla Ācāryapāda: Once upon a time, when I was enclosed within a dark womb and suffering because of different acids that irritated my skin, and, because of the discomfort of my posture; because I knew you could help me I was asking you for relief.

Dear Śrīla Ācāryapāda, after that, when I found myself again in this material world and suffered from miseries, ignorance and the pain I found at every step, because I knew you could take care of me I asked you for protection.

Dear Śrīla Ācāryapāda, then, when I started to suffer the frustration of not being able to get the egotistic whims of my body and false ego, and completely confused and would consider if it was worth it to keep on living in this miserable placer because I knew you could orient me I asked you to tell me what I should do.

Dear Śrīla Ācāryapāda, in the beginning of my youth, being very desirous to find the truth, I submerged myself in the study of biblical texts and suffered not finding any spiritual realization in myself nor in the “revelations” of “brothers” who imagined receiving messages from God along with me, because I knew you could save me from this foolish sentimentalism I asked you for illumination.

Dear Śrīla Ācāryapāda, after that, when being bewildered by a false sense of solidarity towards society I started fighting for social justice and the rights of the poor, defrauded by discovering that my political companions were a bunch of liars and cheaters and that the myth of the people was a great farce, because I knew you could help me to get out of this romantic illusion and the farce of the political fights, I asked you to show me the true way to happiness.

Dear Śrīla Acaryapad- then when I converted myself into a speculator who was looking for false prestige and knowledge in the dry ways of sterile esoterism and mysticism, and I tried to enlarge my vision (and my imagination) with horrible intoxicants, suffering; because I knew you could save me from this dangerous position, I asked you to appear and to give your mercy.

Dear Śrīla Ācāryapāda, at the end, when by your words and your presence I was convinced that I’ve suffered the past because I was disconnected with you, and when I understood that there is no way to learn anything from persons who are not Kṛṣṇa conscious; because I was sure that you are my eternal father and spiritual master, I asked you to give me spiritual initiation.

And due to your inconceivable causeless mercy, dear Śrīla Ācāryapāda, I was saved from running like a dog looking for pleasure in this world where there is only misery. So I was blessed with the wonderful fortune of being able to serve His Divine Grace Śrīla Ācāryapāda, though I never had any qualification, neither I have it now.

Therefore Śrīla Ācāryapāda, on this day of your transcendental appearance, I proclaim that you are the personified mercy of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu and I ask all the living entities to glorify this Vyāsa-pūjā day and the divine qualities of His Divine Grace. By my side, because I don’t have any intelligence or devotion to glorify you, I beg you »dear Śrīla Ācāryapāda, please let me offer my insignificant service unto your beautiful lotus feet. You have told me that I must serve the transcendental propaganda of the holy names of the Lord, and you have ordered me to spread the glories of the saṅkīrtana movement; and though I am very lazy and fallen, I still promise you that I will work vigorously to make this temple of La Paz Mandir a real source of diffusion of the glories of ISKCON and the Harināma saṅkīrtana because I know that I will have the power of your instruction, while I remain under the shade of your lotus feet.

Your servant,
Hari Saṅkīrtana Dāsa Adhikārī
(La Paz)