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Paurṇamāsī Sakhī Devī Dāsī  (Bangalore - New Rajapur Dham - India)

Dear Gurudeva, 

Please accept my respectful obeisances. 

By your mercy, these days I am doing some devotional services daily. Gurudeva, recently you have visited Bangalore, but none of my family came to meet you at your residence. I was not well, as I was hospitalized and had just came out.I was aggrieved and took it to my heart that I am not so fortunate to meet my Gurudev. However, I came to Jagannātha temple, Śeṣādri-puram and from a distance I could see you and your glance towards me.Only that much, but I was feeling somewhat more, as generally the devotees feel. I came back home and started crying more and admonished myself that “you are not fit for the mercy of your Guru”. But senior devotees assured me that simple a glance of Guru is more than enough.I took it to my heart and it happened.From that onwards I felt something special in my heart. My ‘sādhana’ and devotional services are going on well. I am quite happy. 

During your transit from Trivandrum to Delhi, my son Sudarśana, who is working in Bangalore Airport, also got a chance to meet you and got your mercy. I felt happy.You have given shelter to my husband at your lotus feet. 

Gurudeva, please shower your mercy on my family, so that my entire family can serve you in doing some service to fulfill your mission. 

Your daughter, 
Paurṇamāsī Sakhī Devī Dāsī