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Śravaṇa Kīrtana Dāsa (Mayapur - India)

Dear Guru Mahārāja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Your Holiness! 

On this auspicious day of your divine descent into this world of duplicity, the heart blossoms with thoughts of gratitude to Your lotus feet which have sheltered me for so long despite my inadequacies and enabled me to live amid those souls who are sincerely dedicated to serving Your Holiness.

At the moment, the greatest challenge for me in my Spiritual endeavors is battling loneliness and telling me that those that we wish were ours will not be ours at death; that people who do come together are bound to go their separate ways when it is time to do so. Handling such a challenge becomes much easier because of your merciful presence on the throne of my heart’s innermost alcove. Your two lotus feet are my sustenance. Therefore, on this auspicious and glorious day of your appearance, I implore you to continue to shelter me under your lotus feet. 

Your humble servant, 
Śravaṇa Kīrtana Dāsa