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Bhaktisiddhānta Dāsa (ACBPS) (Mayapur - India)

Fame, fortune, distinction, obsession with flaunted desires;
Mirrored with shame, misfortune. And ultimate extinction.
With education, exploring new realms; honoured shackles now cleanly severed
What care is there for revered temporal existence?

Flashes of light as our train scream by;
Tender caresses of family and friends,
Now, ice-cold carcasses and pale blue faces;
New love replacing old as bold adventures strike our course —
Timid youth automatically expelled.

As the whistle blows the journey unfolds.
How man imposes so God disposes.

On the train of spiritual quest, one sees flickering images on the window of the mind.
Watch as the procession of humanity pays the passage of time.
Due to human fragility, we forget our position.
A warrior has to continue his fight.
Impatience spells weakness and confusion in flight.
A stead fast nature helps bridge lifeless gaps.

Watch the people; they come and go,
Almost all unable to see the goal.
So many stops confusing the soul.
Excessive attachment, unless anti-material, places the Supreme as merely ethereal.
Expectations curtailed, desires derailed,
A frustrated goal unless one fixes on the Supreme Absolute Soul.

What am I doing? Why am I here?
So often we hear.
An ongoing rule of truth to behold.
The bonafide source openly unfolds.
At each station a solid foundation; a platform for one is having eyes to see and ears to hear.
Bewildering condition for one afflicted with attachment to these shadowy images.
See victory as conquest facing empty foes; now face yourself, O kṛpana mentality,
lest self-interest grows!

Oh Arjuna, Let us follow your course,
Disregard selfish desire and firmly attach;
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda is engineering the course.
We beg your service and to allow us to remain, inseparable, always riding your train.

Try and refine, as the mind unwinds.
Constantly reassert the finest line.
Kṛṣṇa is God,
The Supreme Soul and ultimate goal.

Next train is waiting.
Śrīla Jayapatākā is selling tickets and conducting from his onboard role.
O lost souls buy your ticket and grab a hold.
The train is leaving so everyone is being told.

On this train of spiritual quest
the name Ācāryapāda rings with great zest
spreading your mercy over the land. 
We see you in passing, a burst of light, costantly in flight.
Your name is always flashing,
Please grant us passage through the night.
Śrīla Ācāryapāda is benediction distributing the light.

Thank you.
Your worthless servant,
Bhaktisiddhānta Dāsa
Māyāpur Samādhi Art Department