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Nīlacala Dhāmeśvara Dāsā (Bangalore - New Rajapur Dham - India)

Dear Gurudeva, 

My prostrated and respectful obeisances at your lotus feet. I pray to Lord Gaurāṅga, Nityānanda and Kṛṣṇa for your good health, so that you can deliver hundreds and thousands of fallen souls like me. 

Gurudeva, it is my desire that I should always have your darśana. For last few months I am passing thorough some mental agony & losing my interest from devotional service. I am not able to attend daily Maṅgala-āratika. Guru Mahārāja, please have mercy on me, so that I can stay calm and have peace of mind to do devotional service. 

Wishing the eternal association and mercy of my beloved Gurudeva. 

Your insignificant son, 
Nīlacala Dhāmeśvara Dāsā